A commissioned piece of furniture involves the client in each phase of the design process. It is a culmination of ideas, requirements and vision to ensure the finished piece meets the expectations of the client. Each commissioned piece is exciting to work on because of the uniqueness and the clients’ contribution is essential.
Commissioning a piece of furniture typically begins with a telephone call, email or a visit to my workshop. This will be followed by an introductory client visit where the ideas on the requirements can be discussed and an initial design outlined. Information will be gathered concerning the types of hard woods which may be used, and the position of the finished piece is also of prime importance. Drawings will be created and additional investigation on variations will be conducted, under no obligation, and sent through to the client for their review.
Further meetings or exchanges of ideas will be arranged until the client is satisfied with the design. A comprehensive letter outlining specification, total cost and completion date will be sent. To begin work on any commissioned piece a 30% deposit is required.
Regular contact with the client is actively encouraged and visiting the workshop is recommended to ensure, as the furniture progresses, the clients’ wishes continue to be met